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Green Buddha

Buddhism and Climate Change

If you're interested in the intersection between Buddhism and climate change, here are a few good sites and articles.

At Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where I work part time as a Retreat Manager, we have a Green Group that meets somewhat irregularly. Our original focus was on helping reduce Spirit Rock's ecological footprint. This group was started after I attended a Climate Action Workshop at the Ecology Center in Berkeley. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to reduce their footprint, and learn more about climate change and ways to be active.

Ecological Buddhism: a Buddhist Response to Global Warming

Buddhists for Climate Action

Ecobuddhism  One of my favorite new sites. Wonderful links and articles!

Green Gulch Ecosattvas

Green Sangha

Dharma & Climate Action

Joanna Macy's Website

Interfaith Power and Light  "A religious response to Global Warming"

One Earth Sangha  "To support awakening and responding to climate change and other threats to our shared home through education, sustainable living and advocacy. We explore the teachings of the Buddhist path and how they can inform, support and motivate this work."

International Dharma Teachers Statement on Climate Change (January 2014)  "To be wise we must also, individually and as a society, adopt the firm intention to do whatever is necessary, no matter what the cost, to reduce the climate crisis to manageable levels and over time re-stabilize our planet’s climate."

Spirit Rock Earth Day Talks

Spirit Rock Earth Day 2013 (audio)
Spirit Rock Earth Day 2014 (audio)
Spirit Rock Earth Day 2014 (video)

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