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About Place for Peace

It has long struck me that the world would be a better place if only we all knew where we could go to make the world a better place; hence the site's name “Place for Peace." Peace refers to peacemaking in the world, and also to the inner peace we experience when we can freely respond to and engage the issues we care about.

External peace comes about when we show up to care for others and the planet, when we align our actions with our most deeply held beliefs, and when we stand up and directly engage the tough issues that confront our communities.

Internal peace happens when we are able to engage without overwhelm, guilt, or a sense of deficiency. It's when we act consciously, freely and from a place of balance.

The services and resources offered on this site (which includes workshops, a book, and coaching) all aim to make it relatively easy for you to start taking action for your communities and the world in whatever way is right for you. 

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