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Interviews with Activists

Some of my favorite moments in life where when I sat in rooms with community activists, volunteers, or nonprofit workers, tape recorder in hand, asking what inspired them to engage and what advice they had to share with those of us who ask "What can I do?"

I've published four of these interviews on this website. Three were in Fall 1999:

  • Dennis Seely and Gwenn Craig  shared their experiences of organizing for gay rights with Harvey Milk and others in the seventies and much more.
  • Alberto Saldamando offered his experiences as a tireless lawyer, activist, NGO director and advocate for indigenous rights internationally. 
  • Isao Fujimoto who seeded and contributed to countless community enterprises in Califorina, in addition to helping found the Ethnic Studies department at UC Davis, told about his youth on a Yakima Indian reservation and in Japenese concentration camps, and offered lessons learned as a life long community builder.

The fourth interview was with Joanna Macy and Louise Dunlap in August 2010. Both women are peace activists, environmentalists, Buddhist practitioners, and moslty, master facilitators who help move people from overwhelm and into action and self acceptance.

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