2021 Climate Notes

Today’s whiteboard says “climate catch up”. It’s second on the list after reading Louise’s book.

What comes to mind is I’m always playing catch-up so what can I do to track and show what’s happening in real time more or less? I picture three columns. One is the Active Issue that requires attention. The second is a picture of that or maybe it’s the place. The third is what I do (or blank if I do nothing?). So this column will grow. So trying this out today….

Here is what is in my inbox and “starred” in the world of climate action:


350 BAA Picnic Aug 8 1-5
350 BAA Leg Meeting Aug 15 4pm
AB-896 Hearing Aug 16 9am
OWR Report Response (Clair) Date unclear Supported idea of follow up on 7/23
Bennet Compare Versions
Stop Line 3 – Learn
Thank Ken/Check in
CA Legislitave Comm on Emerg Management July 21 Can watch this link (am watching now):
Kolbert’s new book Under a White Sky Placed holds thru library