One Small Planet

“The planet on which our civilization evolved no longer exists. The stability that produced that civilization has vanished; epic changes have begun….The earth that we knew – the only earth that we ever knew – is gone.”  Bill McKibben, Eaarth

Several years ago the phrase “Climate Action as Practice” came to mind as I pondered how to prioritize both my meditation practice and engaging the climate crisis. Recognizing that I expected to be engaging in climate change action for a very long time, I wondered if there was a way I could make action on climate a form of practice.

I designed and then offered a workshop: One Small Planet: Climate Action as Practice. The workshop attracted people who, like me, sought to take action in the world from a place of inner balance and clarity. As one participant put it, he wanted take action “from the inside out.” Each week we worked with a different mindfulness practice that helped us ground and focus on the climate crisis without being overwhelmed. Meeting with others and voicing our concerns and interests in the meetings, was uplifting and a great support.

At the end of one workshop, one woman shared, “I now have the tools that I can always refer back to and use to deepen my climate engagement in a practical and authentic way.”

The pages below are intended to support anyone interested in exploring options for taking climate action:

Climate Action Solutions: Groups, Information, Footprint Tools

Mindfulness in Climate Action: Groups and Resources